RazvanPacku (Cuber):

He sat in front of a vast landscape of many differently colored cubes, with only a mop and a bucket to his disposal, He sighed, seeing the brown and red mess nzar had made birthing Quichi, that even if he didnt want to do it, someone had to, and he was the one assigned to clean.:
Quichi arrived face first into a cube. Cube-first, actually. She was visibally stunned, and Peo rushed to her to see if she was alright. Alas, it was kinda hard to tell, as she was a cube. Every entity that had had a cubesona at one point or another in time for a prolonged period of timeare represented through their persona. Thus, everyone present there was a cube, except for Peo, who looked better as a human.
Peo:*russian for "QuiIiIiIichi, are you alright"*
Quiiiiichi:* russian for "h"*
Peo and QuiiiiIIIIiiichi:*more russian conversation*
Peo and QuiIiiichi:*more russian conversation*
Peo and Quiiiiichi:*more russian conversation*
Peo and QuiIIiiichi:*more russian conversation*

Huh, what interesting dialoge, too bad I cant understand it. Anyways, now back to pent.